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Social Groups

Gippsland Autism Adult Group

If you’re an adult on the autism spectrum, you’re not alone. This group is to connect people together, share interests and provide support in a relaxed, safe environment.

Starting 31st January 2023

Day: Tuesday, 6-7.30pm

Cost: $2 per group

Community Lunch

Join us for some delicious food and good company.

Day: Every Thursday, 12pm (during school term)

Cost: $5 for lunch and dessert

Friendship Group

Feel free to bring a plate for afternoon tea, and come in for a chat. Bring a craft project you are working on or we have a jigsaw in progress and many other games to play.

Day: 1st Saturday of each month 1pm - 4pm.

Cost: $2 per class

Chat and Share Group

Come and enjoy a chat and share with others while doing your own crafting items. This informal group is a fun way to do the craft you love, while having a chat and share your experiences of different crafts, while others share theirs with you.

Day: Thursday, 1pm – 3pm

Cost: $2 per week


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